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with Löfbergs coffee

Enjoy a taste of Sweden

Single Origin Brazil

Slow roasted 100% Arabica beans for premium taste and quality

Enjoy a taste of Sweden

Organic Dark Roast

Rich and fruity with a complex, chocolatey aftertaste

Enjoy a taste of Sweden

Organic Medium Roast

Sweet notes from South and Central America and East Africa

Enjoy a taste of Sweden

Big on coffee since the very beginning

Coffee has been our thing since 1906. It’s quite literally what gets us up in the mornings. As kaffeälskare (pronounced ‘coffee lovers’ outside of Sweden) we’re passionate about superior quality and taste – which we achieve by respecting people and the planet at every stage of production.

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From hazelnut notes to wild berry aromas, available as whole beans or pre-ground, enjoy a taste of Sweden in every sip of Löfbergs.

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Doing the right thing from bean to cup

It’s not just our delicious coffee we’re proud of. From reducing waste to supporting small-scale farmers, we aim to be sustainable, fair and inclusive in everything we do.

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