We’ve been doing things the Löfbergs way since 1906. If we can improve our coffee, or change the way we work for the benefit of people and the planet, we do it.

We don’t mind being different because we believe that’s what gives us, and our customers, the power to make a difference in the world. Just like our coffee, it’s a great reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Our story began in 1906 in the small Swedish town of Karlstad. Anders, John and Josef – the three Löfberg brothers – were unhappy that Karlstad was reliant on the cheap vodka trade. So, being Löfbergs, they decided to do something different and sell coffee instead.


Their venture was a success, and Löfbergs quickly grew into an established business. A lot may have changed over the years, but Karlstad is still our home. It’s where we roast the equivalent of 10 million cups of coffee every day, which are then enjoyed all around the world.


As we’ve grown, we’ve become increasingly aware of our impact on the world around us. So we’ve pioneered sustainable ways to produce, package and transport our coffee – keeping our footprint as light as we can.


We’re proud to say we’re one of the world’s largest buyers of organic and Fairtrade certified coffee. And we’re sure Anders, John and Josef would be proud that we’re still family-owned.

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From planting beans to pouring the first cup of the day (and everything in between), learn more about our sustainable, fair and inclusive approach to crafting the coffee you love.

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