Organic Dark Roast Ground Coffee, 450g

Prefer a rich, dark roast? Then our Next Generation Coffee Lovers Organic Dark Roast is for you, with notes of forest fruits and dark chocolate in its complex aftertaste.  Made from 100% Arabica coffee from South and Central America and East Africa, this pack carries the Euro Leaf logo – meaning it’s organically farmed. We hope you’ll agree it tastes even better knowing the beans are grown and ripened without any artificial fertilisers or chemical pesticides.

Roast 4
Acidity 3
Body 3

Get the details

  • Ground coffee
  • Dark roast
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Certified organic
  • Use one tablespoon (6-8g) per 150ml cup
  • 450g pack makes 55-75 cups
  • 80mg caffeine per cup (depending on how strong you like your Löfbergs)



Perfect preparation

For the perfect cafetière coffee, use one tablespoon per 150ml cup. Pour water that’s just off the boil over the coffee, stir, and allow to brew for four minutes. Plunge, pour and enjoy.

Keep your kaffe happy

To keep your coffee at its best, store it somewhere cool and dry, tightly wrapped in the original packaging. Once opened, use within 10-14 days. It’s so tasty, that last bit won’t be a problem.

All done? 

We use packaging from renewable raw materials to preserve the flavour of our coffee. We keep the plastic to a minimum by using a paper wrapper. Please help us help the planet by recycling the paper when you’re finished. And don’t forget, your grounds can be treated as food waste and composted.